Loren started sensing the presence of the Lord in her life, at a very tender age.  Through this sensing she made the decision to commit and surrender her life to God and as a Believer, was baptized at age 10. For the past four decades Loren has been serving in Ministry. Her early years of tenure ship started out in the United Kingdom under the direction of the Church of God of Prophecy organization. With the hand of God navigating her life, through her parent’s decision, they emigrated from the U.K. to the U.S. God continued to keep his hands on her in ministry.  


Now, under the leadership of Bishop Lloyd G. Phipps, over the past 6 years she has served as the Women’s Ministry Leader. Bishop Phipps eventually saw it fit to entrust and assign her as Pastor to the Women’s Ministry at the Covington Drive Church of God of Prophecy, located in Decatur, Georgia. Loren believes it’s important that each woman find her purpose in life.   With this endeavor in her heart, Loren is passionate about encouraging women to do so, one woman at a time. 


Over the past 40 plus years, her walk with the Lord has afforded her many encounters with Him. This has caused her to come to a place of understanding in her journey.  So much so, that she has now coined her experience as a “Love Journey of Assurance, Heartache, Strength, Power and Triumph”. You see, nine years ago Loren’s world came to a halt, crashing around her feet, without notice or expectation. The love of her life for 19 years, the Cover and high priest in her home, Brian Ferguson, her husband, was suddenly taken from her. 


Leaving her behind with two dependent children namely, Bradley and Leonardo (her love gifts from Brian), there was no way she could embrace this travesty as “God’s divine plan” or for the “greater good”.  What do you do when you don’t know what to do?  A wise old fool said:  “Tie your belly and trust God.”  In other words, “Gird up your loins!” Today, Loren is experiencing the Greater Good in God’s plan for her life and her children’s.  Her first-born Bradley serves in the United States Marines and Leonardo is an Educator. They are both Believers endowed with the gift of music causing the legacy of their father to live through them. 


Presently, Loren is pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Holistic Counseling. She serves at the Good Samaritan Health Center of Atlanta as the Community Outreach Manager, carrying other responsibilities under her belt.    Loren has a love for the law and in her earlier career years she received a Post Baccalaureate Certificate from Adelphi University in New York. For over 30 years she has served in this field as a Legal Audio Secretary in London, England, a Legal Secretary and a Paralegal in New York, and Nassau, Bahamas.  


Loren was born in London, England, to the union of Norma and Hylton Thomas.  She is the only girl of 5 children to her parents. Through all the changing scenes of life her parents along with siblings (Livingston, Alrick, Keith and Kevin) have stood by her side (whom she loves dearly). Loren loves the Lord with all her heart and her journey with Him has been one of faith and deep trust. Today, Loren is a gratified empty-nester who resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


Loren Ferguson,

God is at Work